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Your Herd in Your Hand

Register calves from your smartphone, download your herd directly into Herdwatch, and stay compliant by recording your Remedy Purchases and Usage.

It is very easy to use: 'If you can text, you can use Herdwatch.'

Contact us for more information at 0527441598 or  

► Use Herdwatch anytime, anywhere directly on your Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop or PC

► Farmers can also download their Herd directly into Herdwatch from the Department’s online register (Agfood), there’s no need to manually enter all Animals.

► Herdwatch will also assist herd keepers with Remedy Recording Compliance, as Remedy Purchases and Usage can be recorded directly in Herdwatch. We maintain a full list of Bovine Remedies approved by the Irish Medicines Board (IMB), so there’s no need to type them in. 

Other Features:

 Back up to our Server: if a device is lost or broken, just sign-in from another device*
 Can be accessed offline (once signed-in)*
 “Auto-complete as you type” on Tags, Remedies, Breeds, Operators, Suppliers & Vets
 Record Dry offs & Feed Purchases (for Bord Bia compliance)
 “To Do List” – no more “back of the hand” reminders
 Breeding Cycle Management: record Inseminations and schedule Heat Checks (coming soon)
 Unique “Fast-Mode” weight recording (coming soon)
 Automatically send weight & insemination data to ICBF (coming soon)
 Free updates & support – we’re in it for the long run!

*In Offline mode, most features will work as normal, however, for example, data cannot be backed up to our server unless Herdwatch is online.

Code: Herdwatch
Price: €130.00


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