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CorriPipe 6m
CorriPipe 6m
CorriPipe is a twin wall high density polyethylene pipe manufactured from 100% recycled plastic. The pipe is manufactured in a twin extrusion process, which forms two pipes, and heat welds them together as they are formed. The outside wall is corrugated whilst the inside wall is smooth. 

CorriPipe is suitable for use in Civil Engineering, Agriculture and other subsoil applications.

Features and Benefits:
  • Lightweight (6 metre lengths)
  • Strong (twin walled and corrugated)
  • Smooth inner wall for increased flow capacity
  • Resistant to naturally occurring chemicals
  • Can be installed at depths from 0.5 to 10 metres
  • Full range of fittings available
  • Reduced Plant and labour costs
  • Faster Installation as 6 metre lengths mean fewer joints
  • Elimination of waste compared to traditional pipe
  • Pipe can easily be cut on site
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